Welcome to Science Studies

Science Studies examines the relations between scientific and technical forms of knowledge and the social, philosophical, and historical contexts that make these specialized practices both possible for experts and meaningful for their many audiences. It draws deeply upon a variety of disciplinary resources in its attempts to understand both producers and consumers of Science: history, philosophy, and sociology foremost, but also borrowing tools from anthropology, art history, visual studies, cultural studies, gender studies, law, literature, medicine, and computer science. Interdisciplinary of necessity, Science Studies reflexively seeks more effective combinations of interpretive inquiry and rational analysis that not only link disparate forms of scientific investigation, but also make sense of their impacts in industry, government, and daily life.

Several departments at CEU participate in the Science Studies advanced certificate: History, Philosophy, Medieval Studies, Gender Studies, and Cognitive Science. Students in these departments may opt to receive a Science Studies advanced certificate as part of their MA studies. In addition to two required introductory seminars, students may choose from a variety of Courses affiliated to Science Studies.