Courses with Science Studies themes at CEU

This is an informal list of past and current courses with subject matter related to Science Studies. Please check departmental course listings to confirm offerings for the current academic year, since this page is not systematically updated.

Universite-wide seminar: How to Think about Science: An Introduction to Philosophy of Science (Maria Kronfeldner et al.) (fall 2018)

Department of History

The Atomic Age (Karl Hall) (winter 2020)

Energy and Society (Karl Hall) (winter 2019)

Intellectuals and the Great War (Karl Hall) (fall 2019)

The Making of Modern Medicine (Emese Lafferton) (next offered 2018-2019)

Negotiating Knowledge in the 13-19th Centuries: From Scholasticism to the Rise of Modern Disciplines (László Kontler, Marcell Sebők) (next offered 2018-2019)

Race and Science(Emese Lafferton) (next offered 2019-2020)

Science and Religion (Karl Hall) (fall 2018)

Department of Medieval Studies

Late Ancient and Medieval Science (5th-15th c.) (Anna Somfai) (winter 2018)

Scientific Revolution and the Republic of Letters (Marcell Sebők) (fall 2017)

Department of Philosophy

Rationalism and Empiricism (Mike Griffin) (winter 2018)

Special Relativity, Time, and Causation (Hanoch Ben-Yami) (not offered 2017-2018)

Metaphysics of Causation (Maria Kronfeldner and Ference Huoranszki) (fall 2017)

Department of Cognitive Studies

Behavioral Game Theory (Christophe Heintz) (fall 2017)

Political Philosophy 2: Cognitive Science and Policy Making (Christophe Heintz) (winter 2017)

Department of Gender Studies

Feminist Biopolitics and Cultural Practice (Hyaesin Yoon) (winter 2018)

Gender, Sexuality, and the Non/Human (Hyaesin Yoon) (fall 2016)

Human Rights and Emerging Technologies (Judit Sándor) (fall 2017)

Commodification of the Human Body (Judit Sándor) (winter 2018)

Making of the Modern Body (Emese Lafferton) (next offered 2018-2019)

Genes, Reproduction and Gender(Judit Sándor) (winter 2017)

Sexological Subjects: Sex, Science, and the Making of Modern Society (Hadley Z. Renkin) (next offered 2018-2019)

Gender, Medicine, and Science (Emese Lafferton) (next offered 2019-2020)

Department of Sociology & Social Anthropology

Knowledge, Expertise and State (Alexandra Kowalski) (next offered in 2018-2019)

Open Society Archives

Staff members of OSA occasionally offer digital humanities courses relevant to Science Studies. For current and past offerings, please consult the OSA web site.