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CEU is home to the Open Society Archives (OSA), repository for a host of institutional and individual holdings from the socialist and post-socialist eras. It further functions as a laboratory of archival experiments on new ways of assessing, contextualizing, presenting, and making use of archival documents. Among these are Mining History: Innovative tools in Knowledge Discovery, which explores new ways to investigate the semantic content of digital documents. OSA has also hosted conferences on Opening up Social History Repositories: New Technologies and New Methods and Archive/Image: New Archival Epistemes in the Digital Landscape, and will continue to spearhead CEU initiatives in the digital humanities. 

Several other institutions in Budapest support teaching, research, and public engagement with one or another aspect of the history, philosophy, and sociology of science, technology, and medicine. These include the Budapest Technical University's History and Philosophy of Science Department and the University of Budapest's History and Philosophy of Science Department. The Research Group for the History and Philosophy of Science at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences holds regular international colloquia.

The Theoretical Philosophy Forum at the University of Budapest often includes the philosophy of science.

The CEU library has convenient interlibrary borrowing privileges with the library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, which has many related holdings.

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