Call for Papers

Pulse: A History, Sociology & Philosophy of Science Journal

Call for Papers: Issue 4, 2016

Pulse is a double-blind, peer-reviewed graduate and young scholars journal founded and housed within Central European University (CEU) and the Science Studies Program there.

The field of Science Studies has provoked an intensification and profound alteration of the kinds of inquiries deemed adequate for “scientific” research. Ever since the 1960s'  “crisis of positivism,” ways of writing historical, philosophical, and anthropological studies on the nature of scientific thought, of scientific practice, of scientific communities and institutions, have been challenged. What kind of project is science, from a historical, sociological, and philosophical perspective?

Building on the first three successful issues we are looking to continue the inquiry into the intersections of these disciplines. This issue, mobilising a variety of topics, concepts, and theories, aims to contribute to this specialised area of interest. Pulse specialises in bringing together wide-ranging and diverse topics in, and perspectives on, science studies. In previous issues the journal has published articles related to: Physicalism; Systems medicine, cancer, and new materialism; neurobiology and homosexuality; and Marxism, Foucault, and French epistemology.

For this issue we are looking to publish articles in the areas of: general philosophy of science; philosophy of biology, physics, and the social sciences; sociological approaches to science; the history of a science; discursive analysis; the pluralisation of rationality; the intersection between science and society; history of medicine and contemporary practices; network sciences; politics and ideological apparatuses; human/animal relations and the anthropocene.  

Topics could include, but are not limited to:


  • Intersections between gender, sexuality, race, class, and scientific research/practices
  • Theories of health and disease
  • Modelling complexity
  • Animal Studies beyond Posthumanism
  • Perspectives on Experimental Philosophy (X-Phi)
  • The relationship and tensions between science and technology


We welcome submission of both essays (2,000-3,000 words) and articles (4,000-6,000) on these themes.

We seek both book reviews of 800-1000 words, as well as proposals for prospective reviews.

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Submission Deadline:

February 1st, 2016

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