Requests for admission to the Science Studies specialization should be sent no later than 1 December 2016 to Karl Hall for subsequent consideration by the Coordinating Faculty members. The application should include a tentative list of Science Studies courses planned to meet the specialization requirements, along with a current draft of the department thesis proposal. (Faculty may consult existing departmental admissions files for any supplemental information.)

If you are uncertain about whether your thesis topic qualifies, please do not hesitate to consult beforehand with one of the Coordinating Faculty:

Karl Hall (History)
Christophe Heintz (Cognitive Science)
Maria Kronfeldner (Philosophy)
Emese Lafferton (History)
Hadley Z. Renkin (Gender Studies)

Students in 2YR MA programs are encouraged to apply earlier in the fall semester of their second year, if possible.

Please note that Science Studies at CEU is not a degree-granting program, and participation is limited to CEU students who have already been admitted to an MA or PhD program. (For more information about applying to CEU programs, please visit the Admissions Office web page.)

Deadline: 1 December 2016