Science Studies Laboratory

The Science Studies Laboratory is a group of multi-disciplinary Budapest-based researchers interested in the diverse topics and issues of science, technology, and medicine studies. The laboratory consists of monthly meetings where either a student or a faculty member present some of their work in progress and get feedback from the other participants of the lab. The lab meetings would thus serve as a means to improve our work through friendly critical discussions and, in addition, for the students to get a sense of what a professional work in progress looks like.

Individuals interested in participating in the SciStudLAB meetings should contact Mathieu Charbonneau for more information.



November 2017: November 16th, 2017; 16:30-18:00; Maria Kronfeldner

December 2017: December 7th, 2017; 16:30-18:00; Matthew Baxendale

January 2018: January 25th, 2018; 16:30-18:00; Maria Temmes

February 2018: March 1st, 2018; 17:30-19:00; Mathieu Charbonneau

March 2018: March 22nd, 2018; 16:30-18:00; Michele Luchetti

April 2018: April 26th, 2018; 16:30-18:00; Sergiu Novac